- About us -

It started in 2015 with a dream


In September 2015 we left Switzerland, finally. Our emigration dream first became reality with the ownership of a guesthouse in Somerset West. It should be just a first step in our new life. After four successful years, it was time for the next step. After a year's search, we found our dream property with the Olijvenhof in Montagu.


We live our dream on the Olijvenhof and let that also be expressed in our products. Everything grows and thrives on our 27 acre farm. Together with our two Rodesian Ridgebacks we

enjoy life outside of Switzerland.


Barbara Bensegger & Sacha von der Crone

FYNN Gibbs LIONSRIVER   * 14.08.2015

ZIVA LIONSRIVER   * 19.02.2017

"The freedom, the peace and the passion for the

olives make the Olijvenhof a dream place" 

 -   Barbara Bensegger - Owner Sanbasa & Olijvenhof  -



"Every day at the Olijvenhof is a special day"

- Sacha von der Crone - 

* * * 

Lenny & Moe & Oli(ve)

our 7 little helpers